Incepted in 2009, V. N. enterprise is an ISO certified company manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a wide assortment of VMC machined parts, Precision CNC Components, Precision CNC Turn Mill Components, Precise Automotive Turned Parts, CNC Turned Parts, Seed Processing Machine Parts, Ball Type Quick Lock, CNC Auto Lathe Parts, Steel CNC Auto Part, Foot Mounted Vibratory Motor, Single Phase Vibratory Motor, Unbalanced Vibrator Motors and many other customized solutions for CNC machining. Our firm is gracefully engaged in the manufacturing process of swiss type machining frameworks for more than 10+ years. Our firm is furnished with high-tech modern advanced machining technologies that are prioritized during the framing process of CNC machines and components. 

CNC Turned Parts Manufacturer

Best Quality of CNC Turned Parts Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad

We have a wide infrastructure that is equipped with highly qualified experienced experts that showcase the best of their knowledge in framing and offering the top-notch quality modern techno advanced precision CNC machine equipment. Owing to our wide expertise, we have designed the best collection of CNC turn parts and seed processing machine parts dealing the consumer requisites. We know the current trends prevailing in the market and have sustainably designed CNC, VMC, and auto lathe parts as per consumer specifications. 

V.N. Enterprise is an all-around perceived firm manufacturing best quality CNC machine parts including vibratory engines. We are also capable of supplying a diversified range of precision machined parts manufactured from carbon steel and its alloys, forged steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper, or customer-specific materials. Having the skill of creating the whole stock of parts of seed preparing machines, we have composed a broad scope of CNC turned parts and unbalanced vibratory motors considering various types of seed handling levels. 

We rely on modern equipment and technologies for the creation of the best range of products so that clients get the best suitable available as per their industrial framework requisites with ease. We are highly recommended turned parts manufacturers that aim to deliver the user the experience of the best machining components that have the efficiency to work with longevity without having any flaws. Our experts have shaped turn parts and components with precision to give the user the benefit of edge-worth technology usage. High-grade raw materials are prioritized in the manufacturing process of turned parts and components. We have experts that have incessant historical knowledge for facilitating our valuable customers in addressing their unique industry challenges with effective solutions.

CNC Turned Parts Exporter

CNC Turned Parts

Our experts from the research and development department are highly effective in designing and developing precise automotive parts that best suit the profession of valuable clients. The precision turned parts and components we produce are in great demand due to their long-time working efficiencies. Quality and innovation are some of the key factors that we use to comply with the latest advancements in the industrial sectors. We provide CNC turned parts and components that are structured with a smooth finish and highly qualified raw materials utilized in the framing process add to maximum working capabilities of the mechanical frameworks. We produce precision turned parts and components that assure easy installations, operation, and maintenance. Our experts have robustly constructed these components to let the user have stable operations of the CNC precision turned parts without any flaws.

Our produces are highly capable of optimizing the mechanical frameworks of the industrial units they are complied with. We frame precision turned parts using superior grade raw materials that enable them to offer high tensile strength to prevent corrosion and wear-tear throughout their life cycle. We produce CNC turned parts and components that are highly durable having maximum working efficiencies and can work effectively under high-pressure loads. Our provided machines and components offer uninterrupted services all thorough their life span. We assure timely deliveries for precision-turned parts and components. We are the large-scale manufacturer that owes to present the best range of precision turned parts and components. We provide 100% quality assurance for the turned parts and components delivered. Clients can hassle freely contact us anytime we are available 24/7 to provide support for precision turned parts in Gujarat, India.


When you are in search of a specialized precision CNC turned parts supplier and exporter then V. N. enterprise is the best suitable for your precise requirements of CNC turned parts in India. We design and develop the quality assortment of precision CNC turned parts as per consumer requirements.
If you are in search of top-notch quality CNC machine components then we are a premier CNC machine components manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. We provide a massive assortment of CNC machine components as per consumer requisites.
We are quality-oriented producers of CNC auto lathe parts in India. We produce a massive assortment of CNC auto lathe parts as per consumer requirements. We offer quality assurance for CNC auto lathe parts.
We are the leading CNC turn-mill component manufacturers from India. We provide and produce a massive assortment of CNC turn-mill components that best suit the industrial framework of valuable clients.
If you are in search of top-notch quality CNC machine components then we are a premier CNC machine components manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. We provide a massive assortment of CNC machine components as per consumer requisites.
We are well-famed manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of top-notch quality precision CNC components in India. We design and develop the best collection of precision CNC components of assorted range with the use of innovative measures.
It removes the larger inert matter from the seeds. If it contains a single sieve it is called a scalper, two sieves – rough cleaners. The unit consists of a vibrating or rotating screen or sieve having perforation large enough to allow the rough seed pass through readily.
With our wide expertise in this manufacturing sector, we have achieved wide expertise in offering the best range of steel auto lathe parts in India. We offer customized solutions for steel CNC auto lathe parts in India.
We provide the best collection of VMC parts in India. We are notable manufacturers that offer quality assured VMC machine parts within the assured time frame. We offer customized solutions for VMC machine parts in India.



CNC is the automation of machining tools and equipments with the use of computer executing pre-programming sequencing of machine control commands. These are the machines that are in contrast with the manually controlled machines. These machines are highly utilized for milling components and precision turned parts.

CNC machining is the manufacturing process of tools and equipment with the usage of pre-programmed computer software that assists in the movement of factory tools and components. The CNC machining facility is used to allow automated control of a range of complex machinery, from grinders and lathes to mills and routers. With CNC machining, three-dimensional cutting tasks can be accomplished in a single set of prompts. These machines allow the desirable cuts of machinery tools and equipment in the pre-programmed manner.

There are five major types of CNC machining facilities available these are:

  • Plasma Cutting Machine.
  • Laser Cutting Machine.
  • Milling Machine.
  •  Router Machine.
  • CNC Lathe Machine.

CNC turned parts are the tools and equipments that are generated or producing using a computerized machining technologies known as CNC machining. These parts are applicable in wide range of industrial sectors such as are important in industrial, automotive, machinery, telecommunications, and other electrical and electronic components. CNC turned parts are threaded rods, dumbbells, bushings, shafts, screws, pins, and many more.

There is a diverse range of raw materials that can be used for CNC machining projects some of the common materials used for CNC machining projects are aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and titanium, as well as wood, foam, fiberglass, and plastics such as polypropylene, ABS, POM, PC, Nylon, etc.

The major difference is CNC turned parts are used in manufacturing automotive parts, Space-X rockets, insulation parts and even the smallest and most delicate parts of small electronics. Whereas, CNC lathe turned parts are used for manufacturing toys, molds, prototypes, furniture and various others.

The main purpose of CNC machining is production efficiency. Since, CNC machines are computerized machines that are used to control all the major operations of production that can be automated to boost the speed and quality of the production unit. The major reason for CNC machining is that it offers higher dimensional accuracy.

We provide a massive assortment of CNC turned parts and components that involve precision CNC components, VMC machined parts, precision VMC components, precision CNC turn mill components, precise automotive turned parts, CNC turned parts, seed processing machine parts, ball type quick lock, CNC auto lathe parts, steel CNC auto part, foot mounted vibratory motor, single phase vibratory motor, unbalanced vibrator motors and many other customized solutions for CNC machining. We provide quality assurances and timely deliveries for the above stated parts and components. We are available 24/7 to provide support for CNC turned parts.

CNC turned parts are mechanized by CNC machining computer based technologies that offer higher dimensional accuracy and smooth finish to the parts and components utilized in various manufacturing segments.


Due to the higher efficiencies of the CNC machining and auto lathe machining these are applied in various manufacturing plants and sectors some of these are given below:

Textile Machinery Manufacturing unit

Plastic Machinery and Processing Unit

Automobile manufacturing unit

Power Generation Plants industry

Pipe Manufacturing unit (L-SAW/ERW/SPIRAL)

Paper & Rolling Manufacturing unit

Mines & Minerals Mechanical frameworks

Cement Plants and Construction Machinery

Petrochemical & Fertilizer manufacturing Plants

Agricultural Machinery Parts manufacturing plants

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